Broken Halo feat: Nicholas Braun


Broken Halo

We Are Phantoms

Phantoms want to bring back the night. In crafting a debut album that effortlessly spans multiple genres, the duo of Vincent Pergola and Kyle Kaplan create sophisticated arrangements and tension-filled pop that reminds listeners of dance music’s nocturnal foundations. Though only in their mid-20s, the duo are already veterans of the Los Angeles scene. After they began DJing at spots for the “young Hollywood” set, Phantoms began to gravitate towards producing their own music, embracing synthesizers and drum machines, but yearning for something more dynamic. They began playing their tracks live around the city, donning suits and creating a dramatic atmosphere. They’ve recently released two of these songs, “Voyeur” and “Broken Halo,” which will appear on their forthcoming debut on Republic/Casablanca/FAMILY records. In the end, it’s Phantoms uncanny ability to reinvent the norm that leaves them poised for a breakout 2016. And as the music of Phantoms continues to spread, it’s becoming clear that the night is theirs, and soon will be all of ours to share.


Shutdown Squad is back. About to show off this sick #turked apparel in Vegas @dillonfrancis
Our new song ft. @skylarastin just premiered via @billboarddance! Link in bio.
SF was so fun Sunday. Can't wait to go back in July. 📸: @jonathanapril
Thank you San Francisco and @bigwildmusic for having us out. That was our first show in a couple months - felt good to be back and have such an awesome crowd. We will be back in July. See you then. ❤️
San Francisco. We made it. Playing the Independent tonight with @bigwildmusic . Also thank you @fairmontsanfrancisco the Tonga Room is our new homebase.
We have a new single coming out next week... And an amazing remix of it soon after.
Thank you @alt987fm and @tobitalks for playing our Cocaine cover on the radio last night!
Oooh getting excited for next Sunday at @theindependentsf with @bigwildmusic
Our cover of Cocaine is out now on all platforms! Get those Friday the 13th vibes going for tonight - Link in bio
This is what happens when you pass out around us. #tbt
Hey guys. Our Cocaine cover is newly mastered and getting fully released on all platforms this Friday... So here is a picture of us eating pizza. 📸: @jemappellejacqe
Thinking about retooling Phantoms a bit... Adding some new members. Do we look good as a trio? @sordociego 📸: @jemappellejacqe
Happy Mother's Day to our two amazing moms. ❤️
Tonight was very fun doing a rare DJ set at @space15twenty for @urbanoutfitters . Is everyone okay?
#tbt #burgerboys
#tossbacktuesday to when we did a photoshoot with @jemappellejacqe in suits in 120 degree heat 🤒
Back to the sprawl
Nothing like finishing off a Snap story about a flight mishap to Vegas with a flight mishap from Vegas. #vegasboytrip
Is Vinnie playing video games or making tunes?
Thanks @acehotelpalmsprings - the unicorn floaties were the highlight of the weekend
Thanks for the burgers and Jaegermeister @republicrecords - excited to be a part of this family
Three hours in Palm Springs and already covered in wristbands and headbands. 😕